We are a specialist connected and autonomous vehicles consultancy and our mission is to make driving  safer, cleaner and more convenient.

If you’re a business wondering how to harness the opportunities presented by the connected and autonomous vehicles market, we can help you understand the industry, identify relevant opportunities and will work with you to define your strategy.  Ask us about, v2x connectivity, telematics, insurance, monetising data, engine prognostics, LiDar, driver safety, optimising customer experience, autonomous vehicle testing and key startups in this space.

If you are already an established part of the CAV industry, an OEM, a Telco, Software or Hardware House but need to fine tune your strategy, drive performance faster and programmes leaner – we can help with that.  We are specialists in product delivery, digital transformation and can lead you on the journey from waterfall to agile, without the risk.  If you are trying to navigate through the noise of start ups, we have done the hard work for you and if you are a startup struggling to engage, we have relationships across the market.

If you are one of the billion drivers on the road wondering how connected and autonomous vehicles will impact you, then Beep Consulting will try to answer your questions.  From not being able to find a parking space and having to scrape ice off your windscreen, to queuing for petrol, having no real connectivity and dealing with road rage, driving just could and should be better.  Connected and Autonomous vehicles have the opportunity to make driving feel smarter, more convenient, safer and less damaging for the environment.  Please email us your questions and we will do our best to answer.


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Beep Consulting was at the Telegraph Smart Mobility Summit, speaking about the connected and autonomous vehicle revolution and the risks and opportunities facing the new CAV eco system.  Telcos, Insurers, Dealerships and the Security Industry are all trying to figure out how they play in this new market and what they stand to gain.  Its great to know that these established industries are thinking not only about how to preserve their current positions, but also how to grab the huge opportunity for growth.  

Some of the topics discussed were: How to identify liability in such a complex automotive supply chain, the business case for 5G, how dealerships need to change to serve the new buying journey, and how we secure our highly connected and complex vehicles of the future.  

To be a part of the exciting continuing debate – please get in touch at contact@beepconsulting.com.

Here at Beep Consulting we’re concerned about workforce diversity and have decided to try and do something practical to help! 

We have created The Eniac Programme, a computer science coaching and mentoring programme for 6 to 10 year old girls.  It’s called The Eniac Programme, in tribute to the six brilliant women who programmed the first ever digital computer.  We get women who are engaging speakers and passionate about tech, into schools and run sessions discussing cutting edge technology trends and different jobs in computing.  We cover topics such as how quantum computing will change the world and how young people can help build the future.  
Over 100 girls have been through The Eniac Programme and the feedback so far has been excellent!  If you would like your school to take part in The Eniac Programme, please contact us at contact@beepconsulting.com

Beep Consulting was at The Worcestershire Skills Show 2019, helping 5000 young people learn about how 5G will impact the things they like to do, like gaming, sports and fashion.  

They also heard from the team about how great it is to be involved in building the future and how the UK desperately needs young people to be choosing careers in STEM.   Not only is there a massive shortage of engineers in the UK, but of the engineers we do have, over 50% of them are over 50, and  only 1 in 10 engineers is female.  Unless we inspire the new generation of engineers, and digitally upskill the whole of our general workforce, we will struggle to deliver the benefits of 5G.  This means we need to be inspiring the next generation of workers now.  

If you are a young person who wants to be part of the team that builds the future, or you are an employer who wants a workforce fit for the future, please get in touch at contact@beepconsulting.com




Kate Chattaway

Take To Market specialist.  Talented retail marketeer who creates and manages marketing strategy, PR, campaign planning and execution.

dan in a circle

Daniel Shearly

Agile and Product Guru.  Specialist in helping CAV companies move from Waterfall to Agile. Has worked with multiple OEMs including Ford, Mazda and the VW Group.

holly in a circle

Holly Marshall

Ex Head of Connected Car for Telefonica O2 – including launch and management of the O2 Drive family of products and Founder of Beep Consulting.  

dave C 2

Dave Chattaway

Ex BP and a unique combination of Commercial, Finance and Security.  A specialist in Camera technology and security.

Sarah Jane Thain
Our resident psychologist and RareMetal investor.  Specialist in consumer insights in the realities of CAV, deep understanding of trust issues and driver behaviour.
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